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Transformation Entertainment Group
is a professional services company that
enables cinema and retail spaces to
optimize, re-invent, transform, and elevate
entertainment branding and messaging experiences.

Capitalizing on a wealth of in-depth industry knowledge and perspective, we assess the ideal ecosystem positioning and marketability for each project to develop a strong business plan and ensure proper execution and success. Our long journey as agents of change in the entertainment technology and service businesses has built TEG’s foundation and brought us the expertise required to analyze the industry’s evolution and envision business model innovations. We have the skills and the will to enable tomorrow’s transformations TODAY.

Craig Sholder

Founding Partner

Prior to founding TEG, Craig worked over two decades for Christie Digital Systems USA helping to transform and scale the entertainment technology and service businesses with combined annual revenues exceeding $550 million…


… As Executive Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy, he successfully identified market opportunities, created and nurtured relationships with strategic partners, and lead the incubation and launch of new business models and products. Craig has served on several Boards of Directors responsible for overseeing international sales and manufacturing entities and entertainment equipment rentals.

Craig is a “hands-on” seasoned executive with a passion for business strategy and development in the technology, media and entertainment markets with global experience. Using his entrepreneurial mindset and tenacious “can-do” attitude, he successfully managed and completed multiple acquisitions, mergers and divestitures serving as lead negotiator and coordinating all processes related to due diligence, legal, finance and post-transaction structuring.

Craig earned a bachelor of arts degree in Political Science with an emphasis in international relations and a degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. As part of his education, he worked in Washington D.C. at the Federal Trade Commission for the Reagan Administration.


Tom Schwartz

Founding Partner

Tom brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the benefit of his customers, gained through progressively-senior positions in the Cinema industry spanning almost three decades, during which time he planned and implemented a host of technology products and services…


…Whether in the exhibitor world, where he began his career with Edwards Cinemas or on the supplier side with Christie Digital Systems, culminating in his most recent role there as Senior Director, Global Managed Services, Tom’s ‘best practices’ approach has paid off for customers.

For Tom, best practices center on engaging customers with strong communication skills that produce clarity around needs, expectations and results – maintained by constant follow-up and follow-through during execution. Significantly, his mindset and passion allowed him to successfully lead a global team of just under 200 professionals at Christie throughout the digital-cinema and immersive-audio rollouts, which characterized the industry’s growth.

Tom’s penchant for enabling his customers’ future success is an important asset to have on board, given his experience in defining strategy, implementing critical corporate programs and managing multi-million-dollar budgets and contracts to achieve the end-goals. Team building, technology solutions and support, process creation and associated metrics, and overall organizational development are all areas where Tom has great experience and the ability to contribute to your business needs.


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