We create custom managed services
models and implement a new vision
for Sight and Sound Operations and Management

Managed Services Support Model

Theatre efficiency can benefit from optimization through custom service models

Remote Support

Augmenting your business through effective remote support and data analytics is our priority. Using software tools and remote management and diagnostic capabilities helps us to understand your systems and their requirements. Putting the data at your fingertips is critical to ensuring you can manage immediate and long term business decisions. We understand that efficiency is key with critical system management and how important remote data gathering, management, and analytics are to optimizing your dynamic entertainment business needs.

Site Support

With our full suite of end to end services, we are here to help you with any project or onsite support needs. Our project skillsets span from design, management, and oversight to integration, installation, and renovations. With our custom onsite service bundles, we are able to create maintenance and support routines that keep your entertainment experiences performing at optimum levels. We understand that maximum uptime is critical and we’re here to ensure your systems are managed to this standard. Our unique approach to critical spares inventory requirements creates a custom solutions based on product, geography, and logistics needs. Our ability to create a balanced, cost effective site support model will give you the confidence that your critical business systems are safe with TEG.

A project in mind ?

We offer a full suite of end to end professional services that include design consultation, project management and field services.

Tell us about your project and let’s make it happen.