Custom Experiences

Private Watch

  • Out of home elite experience for retro movies, binge party, and streaming of today’s most popular series.
  • State of the art sight and sound technology in a luxury screening room environment.
  • Food and beverage served to your seat.

Custom Experiences

Concert Experience

  • Engage new audiences of concertgoers with live stream and pre-recorded music in an intimate setting.
  • Sight and sound elements bring the concert to life.
  • Food and beverage served to your seat.
  • Luxury VIP sections for elevated concert experience.

Custom Experiences

Social Gaming

  • Introduce gaming experiences to increase utilization during off days and off-peak movie attendance.
  • Casual party setting.
  • Multiple gaming options.
  • Endless food and beverage service.

Entertainment Concepts

Signage Solutions

  • Inviting lobby experiences.
  • Corporate / custom branding and messaging.

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